Mike Duncan

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My new hobby with the monkey

Every heard of matched betting? Well, no neither had I to be honest until a friend told me all about it, now I am hooked. My friend was a member of a matched betting website called Oddsmonkey so I googled oddsmonkey review and had a read up on them. It was nothing but good things so I signed up and got straight in and the deep end.

I could try and explain all about it in this post but really there is no point in me doing that. Have a read of this post which will explain it just fine.

What I can tell you about it is that since I started I have made over £1000 and it has been really easy to do. I really wish I had found out about this sooner as it has changed my life. I now have the extra money I need every month to live a lot more comfortably. It’s pretty easy to make a couple of hundred quid a month but if you really knuckle down you can make much much more on top of that. My best month saw me make over £500.

I have been telling all my family and friends about this, frankly they are sick of me going on about it but when was the last time there was a website that taught you how to make money online that was actually real and not a scam? I’m not sure it has ever happened.

There are other matched betting websites as well but to be honest you only need the monkey and you will have everything you need. All the software, guides and support in one easy place. Plus the community is great. There are loads of other people posting on their forums all making amazing amounts of money. It’s easy to become motivated. Can’t recommend this enough.